Ranch Gal Designs



Welcome to my site and the online home of Ranch Gal Designs. My name is Jennifer Kuschel, and I am, and will always be a ranch gal. So what exactly does that mean? Well my family has been ranching in central Minnesota for four generations and is bringing up the fifth. As a kid, myself and my brother were expected to help with ranch work, but while he was learning about cattle, pasture management, and all the things you are supposed to be focusing on, I was watching the light in the trees and was curious about horse gear. I went on to spend a lot of time learning photography, but it was too removed. I really wanted to get my hands dirty in some kind of art that connected my hands and my heart.

Around the time I was getting out of high school I started working with my dad in his saddle shop. He had started the saddlery, 33 Ranch & Saddlery, LLC about 15 years previous. Together we built a going saddle shop and enjoyed some crazy father-daughter times.

In over 20 years of leatherwork I heard the same comment from many of you, "I would love to own a piece of your work, but I don't have horses". I found that to be a somewhat sad limitation of such a versatile art form. So after a few trial cuffs were made and your responses were enthusiastic, I decided to really take the leap and experience leather in a whole new form.

I hope you find enjoyment and value in my products. No matter where you live, or your profession, I know you have a bit of a ranch gal in you too. No matter where I go, I know the ranch will always be in my heart.

If you would like to drop me a note and let me know what you think I would greatly appreciate it!



Visit our saddlery at www.33ranchandsaddlery.com