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Handmade Leather Jewelry and Purses - An Introduction

Welcome to the premier of my website and very first blog! First I will introduce myself, I am Jennifer Kuschel, and I have been producing custom leather work my entire working life. Most of that time has been, and is still in smaller quantities, devoted to my family’s custom saddle shop. After many customer requests and some experimenting I fell in love with leather jewelry. I had already been making beaded jewelry as a sideline, and combining the two just came naturally.

A few things I would like you to know about my leather jewelry and handmade purses and handbags:

  • Every piece of leather jewelry or leather purse or handbag is made by me. This is a two person shop and my partner is my dad, who is a saddlemaker, but not much into jewelry. Our shop is on our family ranch and I get to see the cows out my shop window all winter.

  • Each piece of leather jewelry becomes one of a kind as it is being tooled and painted. I try my very best to match earrings as closely as possible, but with necklaces and bracelets the design may vary slightly. This is not only a characteristic of handmade leather items, but I believe what makes each piece special.

  • Find a hair in your package? It may not be what you think. Yes, I do have a dog, a Boston Terrier named Sullivan, who is often featured in my social media. I also use different kinds of hair-on leather with the most common being cowhide hair-on purses and cuffs, but I also make woolie chaps for the saddle shop.

  • Leather jewelry or purses by special order? At this time I am not taking any custom orders in either my leather jewelry or my western leather purses. I do always appreciate suggestions as to types and styles of products you would like to see, but at this time I cannot take custom orders due to ongoing health issues. *This does not include products marked as customizable or the Vision Cuffs.

  • Leather jewelry is awesome! Leather earrings are lightweight, leather necklaces are soft against the skin, and leather cuffs and bracelets conform to the wearer.

  • Leather purses and handbags are wonderful! Fringe, tooling, leather smell, really how could they not be?

I truly hope that you enjoy your experience on the new Ranch Gal Designs site and can appreciate the artistic diversity that leather affords. If you have any questions or feedback be sure to send me a message from the contact page.

My best to you,


Jennifer Kuschel