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Custom Vision Cuffs

Custom hand tooled just for you, the Vision Cuff is exactly that, your vision. Your leather cuff will feature an original design hand tooled just for you!

Vision Cuff - Custom Tooled and Painted

Vision Cuff - Custom Tooled and Painted


Tell me your story and I will capture a vision of your life in leather.

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This cuff is made to be one of a kind, just for you! Here’s how the process works: you tell me about what is closest to you heart, the things that make your world go round, or maybe just your happy place. Then I bring those ideas together in a design that only you know all meaning behind. You will receive a detailed drawing for your approval (or revisions), then your design will tooled and painted. All steps are done by myself, Jennifer Kuschel, and your design will never be repeated.

  • Hand tooled on Hermann Oak tooling leather and lined with extra soft vegetable tan calfskin

  • Hand painted with extremely durable acrylic leather paint

  • Made to your wrist measurement and adjustable

  • Truly one of a kind since your Vision cuff design will never be repeated