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Hand Tooled Leather Art Cuff - Old Saddle

Hand Tooled Leather Art Cuff - Old Saddle


Floral hand tooling combined with rich chocolate and a hint of turquoise make this cuff timeless.

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This Leather Art Cuff, The Classic, was inspired by the tradition of handing down saddles through the generations. This cuff is in honor of those gals who grew up learning to ride on grandma's old saddle or keep dad's saddle in the living room for the memories. A lot of leathe rwork traditions go into the making of a cuff like this, so it is my hope that it's future owner will wear lots of character into it, and maybe pass it on to someone special.

Each Leather Art Cuff is tooled one at a time by me, Jennifer Kuschel, and painted to enhance the natural beauty of the leather and the design. With this tooling design I thought the only color necessary was the flower centers so that the beauty of the leather could be the shine. The Leather Art Cuffs are made of premium quality Hermann Oak tooling leather and are lined with a soft vegetable tan calf leather. The paint that I use is made specifically for leather and withstands everyday use while adopting a wonderful patina with age. The Leather Art Cuffs close simply with a solid brass stud, no snaps to wear out or laces to come undone.

This cuff adjusts from 8 1/4” to 8 3/4”.